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Hello! My name is Megan.

I’ve been in the marketing “game” for a number of years before moving to Donegal, Ireland to help my husband run a popular little rural pub. But my life isn’t all pouring pint, I am still am lucky enough to work with other passionate business folks who just don’t have the time or the resources for marketing in this digital world.

I’ve worked with one-(wo)man bands to large corporates on a range of projects from full scale strategies, social media engagement, flyer designs and of course, producing websites.

What make me different? I try to keep things simple. I’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. I’ll always be on the other end of the phone or email if you need a quick chat or have questions.

Need even more help? I’m very lucky to have connections with other marketing professionals, graphic designers and developers so no matter the size or scope of the project I can help you find the team and skills.

My career journey went something like this >>>

┏ Haunted House Actor – I was 15, best job ever.
Movie Theatre Attendant – aka popcorn technician and official taste tester
Restaurant Server – everyone should have to work in hospitality
University Graduate – Bachelors in Business and Marketing
Marketing Coordinator – now were getting to the experience…
Event Sales Manager – Slight detour but couldn’t resist a job throwing parties
Social Media Manager – before Facebook even had pages!! (+Back on track!)
Social Media & Marketing Manager – Worked my way from the bottom to the top of a web design company
Digital Marketing Consultant – Really stretching my digital skills
┗ Freelance Marketer – A change of country & lifestyle means I get to bring years of experience to you

What can I do for you?

Social • Web • Design

WEBSITES – Simple to use, professional looking websites with the functionality you need
BRANDING – building & defining your business’ brand
STRATEGY – a roadmap for your marketing
GRAPHIC DESIGN – Making you look good
SEO – website and social optimisation
DIGITAL ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – don’t have the time? no worries…
ADVERTISING – consulting, implementation, measurement & tracking campaigns
ANALYTICS – no pointing in doing something, if you don’t know it’s working
LEARNING – one-on-one training, company seminars & social media workshops
EVENTS – Event ideas, planning and execution
MARKETING SPEAKER – enthusiastic & knowledgeable (jokes at no charge)


Recent Work


“I have had the pleasure of working with Megan Wilkes during 2014 as she has presented at numerous RCSA breakfast and workshop sessions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Megan is a professional and passionate speaker, she speaks confidently and engages naturally with the audience. Additionally she displays a thorough knowledge of her topic matter which was around social media, personal branding and digital marketing. I would recommend Megan for any industry body looking for professional advice on all things social media.”

Jodie Radley, Head of Events, RCSA

“Since meeting Megan during one of her social media update roadshows, I have come to admire the tremendous breadth and depth of her experience, knowledge and ‘can-do’ attitude. Her ability to simplify the complicated, make the opaque transparent and understand exactly what we need was both refreshing and rewarding commercially and personally.”

Colin Runacres , Head of Business Acquisition, Kinetic Super

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